Adam thinks of things in his head, and then writes them down. He’s been doing it for quite some time now considering he started when he was 10 years old with a murder mystery short story series called Murder He Wrote. While the idea of plagiarism was foreign to him, (thankfully Angela Lansbury didn’t sue), the stories themselves were original and featured tricky homicide cases being solved by a certain astute 10 year old sleuth.

An elementary class play, an unfinished novel in the likeness of The Phantom Tollbooth, and endless school projects later, he became the most verbose adolescent in Eastern Kentucky. Probably. That’s not one of those stats kept on record.

In Jr. High he focused his attention on a wrestling website that was on this very domain. If you’re looking for Stratosis’s WWF Page–well–same guy just 15 years later with no interesting in pro wrestling.

He graduated High School as one of only two students in his class to achieve a Distinguished (the highest honor) on his creative writing portfolio, excerpts of which may find there way onto this blog at some point.

In college, he had an Opinion article published in the Kentucky Kernel and was a finalist on Kentucky Sports Radio‘s writing competition.

After maintaining the rarely read, but thoroughly enjoyed Blogosis for five years, he shifted his focus back to the fiction realm. Short stories will be the focus of this blog, but don’t be surprised if he splashes excerpts of bigger projects from time to time as well.

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Adam C. Stratton